Who We Are

Ava Lea is the Story of a MomTrepreneur, who juggles the thrills of business, design and motherhood. Being talented will only take you so far, learning your trade and developing your skill is the first step to creating the world you envision. Ava Lea, has done just that. Being a Wife/Mommy came first, school came second, and now business has comes third. With the support of her family and friends, Ava Lea (pseudonym for the designer behind the glory), has beat barriers, broken ceilings, and overcome extreme challenges. 

Her aesthetic is gracefully elegant. Her focus  is constantly bringing comfort and chic into the same garment. And her particular attention to quality is impeccable.

At Ava Lea we emphasize the modest aspect in clothing because as a team of creative women, we find the world stresses that in fashion, less is more. Yet you see woman after woman, over exposed and being ignored. Our philosophy is that when a woman does not show self-respect, she does not garner respect. We like to prove that the positive attention you want is the kind you’ll get. Ava Lea defines modesty differently than many others. While many feel restrictive or overwhelmed in clothes that maybe cover too much, we say you're shopping all wrong. Modesty to us means an element of beauty that comes from respecting yourself and being you. Our clothes reflect this, by offering modest fashion that is very fashion forward, comfortable and functional.  Being a woman comes with many titles and hats, and we want you to be able to do it all while feeling great and looking great. When you feel good about yourself it translates in your body language, in the way you stand, the way you speak, the way you delegate. This element of positive energy, positive self-image, comfort and functionality, is what we translate into our wardrobe. There's no doubt in your posture, or uncertainty in your choice, you feel wholesome and fabulous. And that is ultimately our goal, to make you feel like the best you! 

Ava Lea Studio is an energized space. Our work here is fun and productive. From designing, to shipping, wholesale and retail, we do it all from our Miami Beach Studio. Working together, head to head, to bring you the fastest, coolest, and most wholesome fashion that we can. As our brand grows, we are constantly coming up with more products, more categories and new ways to please you.