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Long Cardigan

Long Cardigan

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The name may be descriptive, but this top really says it all. Its a Long velvet cardigan that hits you in the perfect place. It is flattering and really just awesome. You can wear it as a layering piece or as a top, you choose, open or closed, again choice is yours. That said, we know you'll wish we stocked more colors. When it comes to Double Jinx, we don't kid around.

Care information: Wash inside out on a Cold gentle cycle. Do NOT Tumble dry, Dry flat, Wash with like fabrics and colors.

ALWAYS wash new garments that have multiple colors with  1 Cup of Vinegar or  1/2 Cup of Salt to set the colors. This will make sure the colors do not run into each other, In addition you can wash with a Shout Color-Catcher Sheets- this will trap extraneous dyes and prevent color bleeding.

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